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Your Song ๐ŸŽผ

PO# 172019
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Bottle it up, in words.
July 8, 2018

Think about nothing

Nothing at all

comes rushing in so easily
so breezily
so seasonally

I'm freezing


My eyes reflect darkness
My mind's expanding
The specks of light do not blind me
but I am blinded

August 14, 2017

(Read posted letter before this)


He offered to shelter from the heavy pour in a small coffee shop a few feet ahead and I agreed. We shuffled quickly toward it, growing breathless.

As we entered inside, I heard him mumbling something to me. I didn't hear what he said, I was trying to catch my breath. I thought he made another of his lame jokes. So I let out an almost smile and agreed nodding. "Yes funny," I thought to myself sarcastically.

I needed to sit and so I made my way to a small table near the door. As soon as the rain stopped I wanted to head back out and tell him what I had to. He wasn't trailing behind me as usual so I searched the room for him. Almost immediatel...

August 14, 2017

As the rain poured heavily onto the cold streets, we made a dash into a coffee shop to avoid being soaked completely.
"Would you like some chai? I'll pay," I offered walking up to the counter.
She nodded with a faint smile as she walked over to a table for two, nearest to the exit. Her long hair draped over her green coat settling there lightly, some falling over her angelic face. I wanted to go over to her and place it behind her ear so I could admire the redness of her cheeks that she attained from the fast paced steps she took a few seconds earlier.

"Sir? Would you like to get something?"
I snapped out of my daydream.
"Oh, I'm sorry." I stuttered. I took another glimpse of her. She was ...

January 15, 2016

Who am I ?

For who I am to the world, there's no doubt ;
the one with the right attitudes,
amazing skills and morals with high magnitude
I am amazing
My understanding blazing
fires put out
because I choose peace over pout
a quiet mouth
for I don't shout
I am submissive and caring
Daring? perhaps unwearing
I am loyal
and never wasting time.

But really

I am weak
falling to my knees, begging for pleads
from powers unknown and known for good deeds
Like an earful to keep, I feel incomplete
so disturbed, not whole
so raw, and unsure
A nobody with a shadow,
Clawing doors, feelings hallow.
A foreigner in her own world, like a flightless bird
cries unheard
Spitting with my tongue, venom...

November 22, 2015

During Dawn
Part 2.

My eyes close for a second and I'm taken back to last night.
Pillow talking with my sweet led to teasing , which inevitably led to making love. As I remember  his breath on my neck, chills of excitement run through me.

My eyes reopen.
"I'm going for breakfast and that's the end of this." I say, trying hard to sound serious and upset.
He releases me and gives me a skirmish look. I scorn him, turn around and started towards to door. Here is where or little play started.
Before I could complain, I'm grabbed by the waist and flung onto the bed playfully.
"Didnt think you'd get away that easy did you now?" he asks as his body completely shadows me, his chest almost touchi...

October 6, 2015

During Dawn
Part 1

I strech my arms outward towards the dimly lit ceiling as I slowly opened my eyes. I can feel the smooth, almost silk like bedding enravelled up with me when I begin to shift around, trying to succumb to my senses of where I am. It takes about four seconds until I turn my face toward the door-sized window, fixing my gaze onto the answer to my questioned whereabouts. Beneathe the window which gleamed the dawn's light into the room, stands a table laced with scattered pens and paper, and a few notebooks here and there. Fitted right behind the desk is a soft chair, positioned to look outside onto the grey mountains that lay miles ahead. Usually the chair is almost never in t...

July 8, 2015


Love was once a cure,
But now it's just a bore
Or remnants of some lore
Of those who fall so sure.
Although once found is rare,
Repetition over years,
Of dreadful share of tears
Can leave one's heart so wear.
Many have come undone,
Some themselves they hung
And those who ran were shunned
For in their hearts Love's gone
For a world that's wanting more,
And constantly , oh so sure
Love is not a cure
And still treated like a sore.

April 29, 2015

To be ignored does not mean to be alone
to be ignored is to have the people you care about treat your problems as though they aren't
its to have them cry on your shoulders without they expecting you to do the same
its to have your life seem much less valuable than theirs,
but you still love them.

November 25, 2014

Unspoken words fill my insides,
I eat my tears to fight the cries
I am holding back everything;
Not one word, not one thing.

How long do I have to stay?ย I say
How long do I have this price to pay?
Oh please, I beg, I'm going insane
From all thisย terror, from all this pain.

Send me away and I shall go.
Coward they call me
if you didnt know.
It's all I ask, just one wish I plead
Painful or not, once you succeed.

November 25, 2014

I hear the Rain on the ground,
The noise like a million and one voices,
singing alone, one song.
A song of my saddened tears

I feel the rain on my skin,
-shudders- All drenched from head to toe,
An Ocean of escape.

I see the storm surge
I see the terror of itself,
The terror it doesnt want to show

I taste the rain
Light on the tongue,
like a river of fresh daisies and sun
Bitter to the taste.
All from wrong diagnosis.

And I smell the rain, a pure smell of nature
Upon the wind.
Gentle breeze brushing against me.
The cold, i shall embrace.

November 15, 2014

Entangled up with you, life has just begun
A prize of endless love, for a race I've already won
my Fairytale dreams are now a reality
Us against the world, just you and me
Such beauty I've captured,  releasing you from a disastrous reign
yet somehow there are remnants of some intangible pain
Somewhere amidst the smiles, behind those gloried eyes
I see you nod,

November 14, 2014

Do you hear that sound?
That's me on the inside breaking down.
I gave you my heart and you shattered it to the ground.
But it's ok dont worry. I am immune to it.
This pain aint nothing baby. I'm use to it.
I thought every word you said it's how you feel.
I shoulda seen with you nothing's real.
I guess it just wasnt meant to be.
Damn huh? so much for destiny, but now it's my turn to watch you fall and cry.
Im enjoying your pain, sorry baby I aint gonna lie.

October 13, 2014

our first time...

its midday.
Not at class because we're both free on Thursdays.
slumpped on your bed, watching comedic videos online, snuggled next to you.
Then the current went.
You turn off the laptop and place it on your desk.
My heart gets a jump start because I realized what your intentions were. You slumped back on the bed, with your face turned to me as if trying to read an answer from my eyes.
Im flustered. 'what do I do?..' I thought to myself.
I smile unknowingly. I knew this day would come soon. But I was also afraid.
we lay there digging into each others eyes, caressing each others face...then your hand moves down to my neck....so gentle...so soft..
you wrap your hand aroun...

October 6, 2014

Love conquers all
Love is blind
Love at first sight
Women fall in love easily
Sex without love is acceptable
The opposite of love is hate

October 5, 2014

I do not ask the wounded person how he feels
I myself become the wounded person

October 5, 2014

Dear Love,
I have not shared in words how much you mean to me. My poems are only the tip of the iceberg that's beneath
these heavy bars holding me down
slowing me down
from saying all the right words I long to say
but I guess that day still isn't today๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒ›๐ŸŒ’