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Writing the saddest poem, everyday
June 12, 2017

Dear more than a Stranger,

In my nightmares, 
I see you running in the ocean. 

You trying to chase memoirs and
None of them belongs to me. 
So I dream of a movement where you
Fingers are close to the trigger as you point
It towards sins. 
You turn,  you roll and your back is visible to me now. 
In this darkness I can barely see into your eyes, 
But you have left bruises to be stared upon. 
This is not your first nightmare. 
This is not your last nightmare. 

Pity to humans that couldn't hold you well and tell you that you aren't supposed to be 
generalised by being broken. 

That you would walk in a dark alley with lights that belonged to strangers, yet I would feel your fingers running a ...

December 26, 2015
Noida, India

         || Diary of a Traveler ||

She was like a hint of winter in my morning sadness.
I always loved how she would wake up every morning , close to my face and still believe that I will be better .
Every night , I had this suffering of sadness that would drive me for writing.
I had emotions.
That worked well with people.
With her ?
It was something extraordinary.
There's a thing with writers , you can write when you are happy.
But she was my winter happiness.
I would hug her and still write with a happy face..
She had that magic.
Everything about her sunshine made me write.
If only I could camouflage myself in the stitches of her craziness .

There seemed to be no need of defining...

October 11, 2015
Loni Kalbhor, India

I am lost in this journey of finding the real emotion behind all the emptiness .
Sitting on the road with same old cheap beer can never help .
May be to some extent of crying through this thought , it might , but what about the whole life?
To be found so easily under the street lights of darkness and misery of this life ,
It gets difficult.
And there you will be ,
Found ,
In peace
In the arms of someone,
Thinking that maybe the stars will shine again
And this night will be worth living again.

September 29, 2015
Loni Kalbhor, India

         Words for her.
       Rushil Bhatnagar

I wish I had the ability to show my emotions may be with few kisses over your neck rather than writing a piece that would be as precise as my heart.
It feels real doesn't it ?
All the emotions summed up in a hug.
But what if this is more than that ?
What if I want you to stay for more than a second and maybe longer than that ?.
I wish I could do that by just bleeding with the ink of my words.
I can never do enough justice to what I feel but you know in this exact moment when you will hold a prose of mine and realise that it was this Storm for which you were waiting and not that calm ocean that has surrounded you.
May be step into this storm.

September 28, 2015
Loni Kalbhor, India

      The solitude in her arms
          Rushil Bhatnagar

It's been a while since I have written anything for you.
maybe all these feelings stored deep inside my heart doesn't want to go out and explore the possibility that there's something more to us.
what if there was ?
Aren't you with someone broken ?
But what about the words of wisdom from my heart.
May be the hugs we exchanged meant more to me .
May be they meant the world.
I wish I knew the answer to this rant or may be this ink which can never stop me from writing all the emotions I have for you.
I wish you could figure out that it just took me few seconds to realise that the same lullabies we listen to had more than just to listeni...

September 22, 2015

Dear Rushil,

Thank you for your letter and congratulations on the completion of your manuscript! That is quite an achievement and I know from experience it is also a labor of love.

Do send it along.

I would be honored to read it.  You may even want to publish some excerpts of it.

You are very much a part of the lettrs history Rushil.  Congratulations.

September 20, 2015


The best part about this life is , that you can change.
You can change and start loving all the personalities around you
Or may be not.
In the moment when you will sulk and miss all the people that held you in your past , you will see all the tears running down the emotions you had under your skin.
Isn't it amazing that you just remember the best moments of it and not what made you naked infront of them

I guess that's the mistake we do.
We just stand naked and blabber all the truths we had from ages to a person that would temporary kiss us and caress our thoughts and may be share few laughs.

You have moved to a different city and started loving a person.
Isn't this feelin...

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

And every day he would sell his love to millions.
Only to find a calmness in one's arms.
For once , he looked for his soul into a person.
As broken as him .
Not for what she was to the world.
But for what she used to be in front of him.
And in each million seconds , she would surrender herself and still stand in front of the world.
Now , the rules were broken.
The hearts were not.
The world witnessed a rainbow of which they envy.
The two stars collided to a form billions of memories and the constellation changed the way they used to look at the world.
They surrendered.
They bled.
They over flowed all emotions.
And for once,
They were infinite.

Rushil Bhatnagar

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

In every frame , I could see the phases of moon.
The way she would look at the sun
Or may be the dim lights
Was tr same she looked at her universe.
In a hope to be fixed .
I never looked from the perspective of a writer or may be a magician or anything that this world would call me.
Just an artist who believed that colors never existed in the real world.
It's fiction that drives us with colors.
"Take your hand away from your face " I shouted while capturing a moment and she would smile and still keep her hand hidden with the black universe.
Was their anything she wanted to be hidden.
Of course there must be something.
Some hidden treasure
No scars
No marks
And of course no blood.
How coul...

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

            Rushil Bhatnagar

Darling.  This world is as beautiful as you are.
The only difference.
Words see through you.
The world won't.

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

There are lights that guide us to different paths.
And in the real moment of our struggle we choose the one which is more shiny more attractive.
And the worst part ?
We do the same with love.
How often we end up being with different soul just gathering experiences and comes a day when we are ready to move or may be they are ready to move.
Out of your small fictional universe.
And you finally start facing the truth.
Suddenly all the quotes from Berlin Artparasites starts coming to your mind
And how true they are Now.
To an extent , yes.
And with all the love we have ,
We love holding the pain the most.
It makes us reach to our inner senses .
Makes us deal with who we are , with whom we want t...

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

You want the truth ?
Let me give you one.
How easy it has been to give up on a soul and move on .
How easy life has treated you till now.
Let me show you my scars.
My bruises.
The most talked about one.
I am not a drinker.
Neither I smoke memories.
No , love.
I would never smoke up.
For once I held memories inside me.
As I look deep inside your soul.
I see darkness , only to be guided by a mere light.
For what you are
Kaleidoscope of emotions.
Waiting to be just one.
And may be in the shear moment of reality
You want to be fixed
May be by words
May be some hollow words ?
Or words with emotions.
Your call.
And why each time you would hide your color ?
Just to be mysterious enough
To ne...

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

No matter how haunting is the reality , we face it .
And how drunk are the souls that forgets nights spent in the arms of the stars.
How clichés were shared under the same roof .
May be all we did was write about each other and bottled up emotions and send them to unknown roads.
Did they ever come back to us ?
What if one day we move ahead and come back.
Be the haunting reality and not the soothing one.
When was the last time you ahead tears on this handmade sheet which made you bleed your emotions.
My words sound like us
My emotions doesn't.
I look across different windows each day.
Noticing so many people selling love ,one thing in common is how they fear of losing it.
Aren't we all the ...

July 12, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

Every journey is a part of you.
Making you stay in the arms of nature and waiting to be taken by the storms of it.
May be one day you walk , all by yourself , trying to discover the magic of life.
Not how this world would work , but how you could survive may be with love or may be without it.
There will be times to walk away from what you have faced each and everyday. And there will be times when you will walk away. While you take a turn , don't turn back, it's night ,dear. The shadows are a mere mirage.

Rushil Bhatnagar

June 15, 2015
Los Angeles, United States

Dear Rushil!
Thank you so much for reading my letters and for your support!
It makes me so happy to know that my words somehow put a smile on someone's face and that there's a chance that they will inspire a change and a flow of happiness!

Sending you lots of positive energy!

June 12, 2015
Bhopal, India

More than love , I believe it's destiny.
Challenging yourself.
Forcing it sometimes.
Being heartbroken is now a chain.
Happening all over again.
It's not how we resort to a single person.
It's after how many heartbreaks are required to meet that person.
Of course,  The journey is painful .
It will be.
Some will create voids.
Some will create distance
From your heart.
And that's necessary.
It's needed ,honey.
Not everything can be as beautiful as a unicorn in your dream.
But not everything can be as bad as a storm that will rip your soul into pieces of lust.
Of course you will fall for people.
But remember , for what you are in that moment.
Never be the same in the next.

June 12, 2015
Bhopal, India

To the souls that have been destroyed.
To the souls that have been drunk and lost the touch of real love.
I promise them ,
Once this is over.
The illusions.
Soon will come a time.
Where all you will face is the reality and struck with a realization of how each castle that you imagined is now coming true.
No matter how many times you have been broken
Or struggling with whatever you are left with ,
There will come a time
Where you will get down on your knees and surrender to this night.
Calling to you , your soul.
I still wait for your answer as to how you managed to escape such sexcapades.
May be served with few kisses.
Or may be just none.
None of them touched you .
None of them will .
For ...

June 5, 2015
Bhopal, India

#Person Of the year.

"Dreams are made in the realities in which we live ".
With all the love I have for the field of UI Design, I feel extremely honored being quoted as " the person of the year".

I dreamt of being a men who could cure the problems of this world.
May be through the digital way. This world has seen a revolution through apps viz industries like furniture , writing and e-commerce.
And every user expects a new design.
For what we look are those teeny tiny updates to make this place a better one.
In my opinion, people who helped me throughout the process of making my company one of the best in UI consultancy, deserves to be called out as person of the year. It's the innovation ac...

June 4, 2015
Bhopal, India

Every journey is a part of you.
Making you stay in the arms of nature and waiting to be taken by the storms of it.
May be one day you walk , all by yourself , trying to discover the magic of life.
Not how this world would work , but how you could survive may be with love or may be without it.
There will be times to walk away from what you have faced each and everyday. And there will be times when you will walk away.While you take a turn , don't turn back, it's night ,dear. The shadows are a mere mirage.

May 21, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

To the nights we have spent sitting on the bokeh of our life.
And may be everything would seem so blurry.
Mirages of our dreams , I reckon.
But that's life , darling.
That's what it has been since beginning.
All we have done in our life will be done in a single moment.
A moment of truth .
A moment of nakedness.
And we will soon be familiar with ourselves.
I believe in the constellations.
You , darling , in the stars.
Of how much clichéd thoughts I have shared with you.
This be my favorite.
"Let me drown in the ocean of this night.  For what's to be shared will be whispered to us by the demons of the broken stars."

May 18, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

Darling, I will be cruel to you.
But that's what love is about.
And to me , this would last until the morning .

May 14, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

We have been traveling for a while.
Not on the roads .
But may be somewhere.
On a journey to discover what we are made up of.
Of the endless possibilities of lying together and counting the stars.
I wish to forget few.
And may be you would do the same.
As you lie naked beside me ,
I beg you to hold me and gulp this wine from my hand.
May be tell me some stories of yours .
Of how this world has been cruel to me.
Darling, I will be cruel to you.
But that's what love is about.
And to me , this lust would last until the morning .
May be for days or till infinite.
But I wish for our ashes to remain one.
And may be then we can play with this fire we had in us.
Stored under the vessel of "us".
I ...

May 10, 2015
Chennai, India

Dear Rushil,

Thanks a ton for your response. I value what you wrote.

Lettrs has been a life changing experience for me. It has granted me dreams and wishes. It has given me hope. It has been a platform for me to vent my feelings that otherwise evaporated into the atmosphere of despair. I now find resonance from like minded souls like you.

I am astounded by the quality of people I find here. They are classic and there is a lot to learn and feel in here. The flow of varied emotions and their acceptance is such a heart warming experience. I am sure it would have soothed so many wounds that would have otherwise, not healed.

Inspirations from accomplished writers like you and many others who...

May 8, 2015

Christopher Poindexter : Could someone love the same person with million different intensities ?

Rushil Bhatnagar :
Imagine yourself,
Standing in a field of roses.
Pick up a rose.
Pick up a daisy from your pocket.
Let god rain some dandelions.
Is your intensity increasing with each passing flower?
Is it decreasing.?
Are you getting high on the dosage of love ?
Is it enough to engulf you now ?
Need to be more high.
Grab his shirt.
Open it.
Smell his soul.
Close it.
Smell your past now.
Loving can hurt.
With each passing flower
Your love was released.
To a spoon
To a cup.
A little bit .
too much may be ?
Loved different people with different intensity?
Or one with different intensity.

May 4, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

             "  Emotions "
           Rushil Bhatnagar

There will always be people whom you will dedicate a part of your life to.
May be a beggar on the road.or may be someone sitting at the counter , tipping the waiter .
A homeless guy just tripping on his regular beer.
May be the old man writing his journal down.
As his hand would tremble to write down his memoirs, you would travel in the dimension of the past.
Visit some memories or two.
Thinking of their existence in life .
Whether the struggle was real or just imaginary.
Whatever it was,
It will always be  a part of you.
Crying to you,
The real struggle to overcome the endless mirage of life.

May 3, 2015

Of colors and night
                                   -By Rushil Bhatnagar and Hadia Ahsan(98238)

On the memories , my caricature stands.
Holding  within a dream catcher of its own.
Waiting for the birds to surround me in the Epiphany of freedom and all I have wished is to catch the dandelions of the night.
May be a lost wandered kiss in heaven or may be the footsteps of him.
In all the depths of his canvas , I see myself .
I see myself in every blend of his lust.
And how his fingers would crave for the rainbow rather than the soul craving for the black
And the white.

For a soul being pure
Always learnt in black and white
And colors were but a part ...

May 1, 2015

Dear Rushil (Ted),

Thank you so much for welcoming me to this wonderful app with a beautiful community from around the world!

I see Lettrs as a testament to the undying art - as I may call it - of writing letters. It feels amazing to write and express my thoughts and feelings with people from all over the world.

Thanks again for your kind and welcoming words!


April 30, 2015
Navi Mumbai, India

                         Rushil Bhatnagar

"Every page of it, every line of it would be a glimpse of our life at the juncture of our death ".

April 29, 2015

I am totally I'm love with the concept.
Just a suggestion- It would be amazing to reply to a person who commented on one's lettr within the comments simply by tagging him/her.