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June 26, 2020

I am about to throw it out
Let it float towards stars and die out.

We could have it all
I gave you my all
But who knew that "all"
Wasn't it just enough?

Like a boxer in a ring
I am trying to defend myself
You hit to slay, doubt I will make it.

Demanding what you refuse to give
Always pretending and hiding
How doesn't it feel to break me down?

With your past clenched in your hand
You are seducing, you are no lover
You are a beast hungry for revenge.

Tear down my heart
Will not make for what
Your ex break within you.

I don't want to fight
I don't want to die
I wanted to be seen.

May 25, 2020

Broke my back being your stepping stone,
Shredded my lungs running up your frenzy,
Knotted my tongue mentioning your name,
I am still the man you lost.

And if you climb the mountain, you will see that my love for you has survived like parasites, nourishing on decay wound. And if you travel the seventh sea you will find my sightless soul wailing.

I gave away my essence and became this hungry wolf. Chassed the moon and died a million times so you could have peace.

I wanted it to last because you were all that I needed. Our hands lost in our depths. You were all that I needed. But they warned me. They told me to find someone that loves me right.

I ask for someone to reach out to you because ...

May 20, 2020

I am nothing without you. You are all that I need. Loving you cost me brain and soul. This love shall be the end of me.

One million reasons reunited in one broken smile and I still refuse to leave you. I still refuse to see you for what you are.

You must be in love with my enjoyment, cause you never tell me "no". You are all I desire. I have so many reasons to leave you but I do not.

I have put a spell on you so all you know is my name. One million reasons smashed on my face and I still refuse to see.

Can you put words on what I am trying to say? Through space and through time, please forever be mine.

May 19, 2020

Laid in the coldest light.
I was reminded that I am only human.
That light was not bright,
But in a twisted way
It was all that I got.

After being rejected by the art of writing,
I decided to give my life to any God.
None found me appealing enough,
So I did the inexpressible.

Lost in the warmest dark,
I pledge allegiance to the one who never existed.
I removed my heart to feed the one that no one can see.

Floating through space,
I slept with numerous ghouls to feel a thrill.
Willing to be loved and accepted,
I gave my all and beyond.

Mistakes might have broken my bones,
But it's love that has ended my hope.
What's a human without hope?
What's a human without love?

I have forgiven wha...

March 4, 2020

If could let you go and start all over again.
I'd burned my heart down, but I can't.
Staring one with blinded eyes,
Isn't what love is supposed to be.
I watched you go deep in a sea made of lies.

I am trying to forget it all now.
All those words that you've told me.
Mouth-to-mouth, you asked for my heart.
I lost my significance once you held me down.
Within your arms,
I've met the one that I don't want to be.

They warned me. Yes, they did...
"Find someone who loves right"

July 10, 2019

My bleeding heart is on the ground. I have been struck by lightning. I woke up this morning with a crown of daisies.

What have I ever done to deserve this? Am not I too young to feel like this? Our good memories are burning in the dust.

We were living in a magicless dream. We could have had a house and a kid.

But I saw you playing with my mind. And it was all done, all was gone.

When did we become these animals? I wanted to hurt you so bad, but I wanted to be stronger than you.

So, I prayed and asked for the gods to help me to stop being an animal. I am stronger. I wrote you a poem instead of hurting you back.

July 9, 2019

I love this place but it looks like I got to keep moving. It's because I am in love with the person that I grew up to be that I do not want to leave.

Of all the shapes that my soul had, the current one is the one that I loved the most. Therefore, I am terrified of losing it.

As a consolation, I keep on reminding my heart of all the great things that we have accomplished before meeting this new me that I am. We can redo it, we can bathe in the sun elsewhere.

And what if we tried to sketch out a new soul? Going back to where it all began is not an issue. It's how I am going back. Yes, how...

My guess is that my heart shall believe in the universe. This old enemy dressed as a friend. It let ...

July 5, 2019

I wish I could stop writing about sadness, but it seems that my muse only responds to that particular feeling.

Only when I am empty, it comes down and fills the void left within me. I am suffocating under thousands of doubts made of ice and suddenly I can breathe.

Why am I talented only when I want to die more than nothing?

March 14, 2019

All that I ever learn from love was how to be continuously naive. A spin that never stops.

January 6, 2019

And I surrender. You can have it all. You can take it all. I don't want it, I don't even want to remember it.
I thought that I could but I can't. I will not survive it. I will not survive you. You have opened my chest up and placed it in my in between. This pain. Oh God, this pain. Take all of me. Take all that you want and let me die. I cannot suffer the sea. I am tired of crawling. I am sick of loving you in the dark. Take back your pain and set me free. Let me be. Go away! Let me die, I cannot wait to lose you and to be reborn... To become my own person.

December 2, 2018

From my novel
"We Are Legendary"

The look they exchanged at that moment was so profound that they felt they were looking directly into one another souls. The stars had stopped shining so that the glow of their attraction to one another was frozen in the darkness of this stolen moment.

Gideon grabbed Lev's hands and surrendered himself to him. They kissed exactly as if it had not happened for years, fortunately for them, it was the case. They were breathing heavily, their caresses were made of fire. Their hearts sparkled and sang happiness in Morse code. Their bodies were no more than one, perfectly coordinated.

Lev and Gideon had finally found each other. The universe is set in posi...

December 2, 2018

From of my novel.
"We Are Legendary"

While he was sitting in the cafeteria, Lev Von Putten was joined by Gideon Sweeney:

"Thank you for taking the time to warn me of the situation", began Gideon.

"It is nothing. I've seen how close you've become lately. It reminds me that I never took the time to thank you. Thank you for being there for her Gideon, thank you for putting aside your hatred towards me."

"It is nothing", he replied by sitting by his side, "I am sure you would have done the same... and who told you that I hated you", continued Gideon.

"No one. I assumed", said Lev standing up.

"Lev, I do not hate you... Even if I wanted to, I could not and I know what I am talkin...

November 23, 2018


The rain was heavy and thick. She was driving towards her freedom. It was near she could feel it. Her diamonds could catch the moonlight, therefore, she never felt more beautiful. As she was driving away, she quickly brought back the thrill by remembering the screaming, the blood and releasing. She finally found her freedom back and could be the woman she wanted. Waiting for the green light, she looked at her window and smiled. A smile that cracked up once she realized that her freedom had a string. “Britney”, she said in one of her deep exhales. Her newly found freedom had a limit and it was not the sky but her longtime friend. Her freedom was depending upon Britney's strength t...

November 22, 2018

“I am flying! “, she screamed.

She was free. Therefore she knew that the world would be the perfect playground.

Smart. Beautiful. Independent.

She was everything she always wanted to be.

A woman standing in her own truth.

November 18, 2018

She was tired. Her body was aching. She barely could breathe. The obsession that she had for this man was killing everything that she was.

She was lost. Drifting into an open sea she was mad at her God. Tirelessly she prayed to break free but nothing was happening. She was trapped in his dead and cold wolf eyes.

His eyes. She convinced herself that her happiness was in them. She really wanted. She hoped. She believed.

The truth is that she was digging her grave. She willing closed the cage in which she was living now. Surrounded by ice and dead trees, all that she could fight for was her light.

It was the only one thing that she had. She would press it tightly against her chest. Closing ...

October 18, 2018

Tired of living this high I've decided to leave. My wings are tired and the roads are calling me. Tomorrow I am leaving, they might have forgotten but I didn't. I am a traveler. I grew up on the road and I always find Home on the other side of the ocean. You said you love me but you never tried to catch me. Perhaps it's for the best, I heard we are not supposed to chase what we cannot keep. I am leaving tomorrow so I can be someone else. And only then, I will celebrate the day on which you freed me.

October 10, 2018

And I must admit that what I did was all for myself. I did it all because it felt good.

October 2, 2018

She was afraid to be a long-lost souvenir. So every time he would meet her she would become the wind...

August 30, 2018

I will stay.
Just this once.
Because we all need someone to stay.
I will keep you close but just this once.
I will sell you hope and brush your bones.
Despite what happened, I hate to see you helpless.
You were the fire inside of me and my tomorrows.
I know that you're trying to hold on to these 3 words we used to say but our Hallelujah is a just a broken echo. Stuck in this in-between give up is the smartest thing to do.
Tonight, I will hold on to you.
Cry it out.
I've heard that tears make sense out of anything.
We all need someone to stay, but we all deserve to be loved and happy.
Turn me into all your yesterdays.

September 15, 2018

No matter what happens, I will remember you. Don't forget that I was here. I could see you back when you were invisible. I was here before all of this. Your memory is safe with me. I will remember you.

You did what you did, please forgive yourself and forget it all. I will hold you tight waiting for your glitters to dim-out within your ice cold body. I will remember you under the sun. Warm and happy. Even if I am not the one who holds the smoking gun, note that I am deeply sorry. I wish I could have been able to fix his mistakes.

Once the trumpets will be out, I will sing the universe to you. May you be at peace. Breathe out all of the pain they put in your inside. It's time to let go. I ha...

September 14, 2018

She wanted to stay free. She wanted to stay away from him and his devilish touches. But the desire was growing in her inside and soon, it started to break and crush everything. Bones, flesh and organs.

It was scary but awfully good. Quickly a peaceful feeling named "happiness" surrounded her soul. She wanted to get away but it was too late. He had already sewed their hearts with strings made of ice. She fell in his arms, he wrapped her with his unbroken promises.

They were two in one. He could read the Holy Scriptures in her eyes, therefore he needed to call her by his name. She agreed to run the risk to be intimate with Brokenness: she offered him her freedom.

August 28, 2018

"It's because I can read the Holy Writings in your eyes that I want to call you by my name."

And I simply fell in love with what he said.

August 17, 2018

If you shut down your brain and give all the power to your heart, what does it tell you? Take my hand and let go of everything, what should stay will stay.

Don't fight your emotions, let them rain. A shower of meteorites built from your inner thoughts. What a beautiful picture that is, you are pain-free. Trust your instincts, you can survive this and more.

Breathe in, breathe out. Count to ten and see with your hands. Nothing is real anymore. The pain is gone and life is bright.

Losing is growing. Losing is cleaning. Losing is improving. Lose gracefully what you have to lose.

Your happiness is within you, not in their hands. Your peace is within you, not in their comments.

Forget the...

August 17, 2018

He was in search of his true half. A love that'll see no end. He travels the world with this crazy idea. "We all have someone out there." He tries. Again and again. Over and over.  His love must be somewhere!

The fake ones, the scared ones, the lost ones. He would let them play with his heart because he knows that none of them could cut his heart out. Before even meeting them he had forgiven them. Hence, the longevity of his quest and his peace.

"Heartfelt love where are you at? Can not you see my light? My heart is chanting to your soul. Infinity times infinity. Always and ever."

He is in love and he believes. His better half awaits. He is in search of a new land to welcome his hopeful ve...

July 29, 2018

Time flies and my scares are still open. Nothing seems to take the pain away. Here it is again sitting on my chest. By now the wind must have brought to your ears my biggest wish.

Oh God, why would you test me in such a way? Introducing me to a masterpiece so it can leave me in such a tragic way. An absolute curse disguised as a wonderful surprise.

I was perfectly fine by myself. He broke something in me and now I chasing his company in the dark. He is always on my clouded mind. I want to be where he is!

The closer I get and the further he is. My heart is writing words of peace using the blood of the stars. Nothing seems to be enough. He cannot be reached.

We were done before we even met....

July 28, 2018

She wrote a song and named it "End of Love". Always thought Art is useless unless you can make a stranger break down and believe.

People will always bring pain and lies to you but never the Truth. Her song made me realize how wrecked I am. Drowning my sins in a salted sea might be what I need. But, losing my colors terrifies me!

I have never changed a single color within me. If you take a closer look you may see that my Universe is inanimate and I have grown to love it as it is. Dead.

Ever since I discovered the summertime sadness disease I have been flying too high for too long and now my heart is frozen in their emotionlessness love.

Makes me think that my God is not big enough becaus...

July 26, 2018

This entire situation is eating the best of me. I am holding my breath waiting for my ghost to appear. I tried to fill up my inside with prayers but my God had forsaken me. I am an empty vessel, a loveless lover. Lost in a storm of loneliness I am withering from the inside.

July 22, 2018

I live a life of letting go. It always ends up like this. Souvenirs crystallized in the disappointment. I was ready to suffer the sea, I am burning alive. I am the broken one. The vicious one. So what are you waiting for? Do it pull the trigger. You can have it all. It all reminds me why it did not work anyway. Keep it all. My heart was yours therefore, I will not ask it back. I will create a new one once needed. My light remains untainted by your lies. This why I know I will survive you. It is a waste of time and I know it. I shall keep chasing you in the dark. As long as it suits me you'll be in my clouded mind.

June 26, 2018

"As she put the envelope back right where she found it, Solveig signed Gideon's death sentence. She thought everyone would be safe ever since Hector's death but the truth is the death of one monster gives birth to another. Someone was dying for ending what her late husband had started."

Straight out of my novel. I can't believe that I am doing this. I shall keep you posted.

June 22, 2018

Work in progress! My first novel ever!

"Lev!", said Gideon forcing him to look at him, "you were gone. I was all alone and I suffered. I couldn't cope with this pain anymore. It was too heavy on my heart..."

"So it took my mother's death to get an explanation? A chance to understand? You've erased me of your life so fast that until now I feel dizzy!" he confessed with a broken heart.

"Ss...Sorry! I did not... I never meant... It's time for me to leave I guess." says he smothered by his tear.

"Gideon wait" whispered Lev with his hand on his face, "I am about to be weak. If you really want to help me you will hold me tight... I want to cry so..., so bad."