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Anuj ✴ poet.dark

PO# 266393
Armature rapper,lyricist. Workaholic, ink lover and most important out of his mind. Insta- @poet.dark www.poetdark.com
April 9, 2020

And in-between the paradox of life
I hold two glasses in my hands against time;
Labeled: Not to be shared.
I keep myself confined!
The more I pour to empty the glass in my left hand,
The more it fills at the end of the day.
The more I conserve the glass in my right hand,
The more it evaporates!
Until one fine day, I break the chains,
of running in circles and pour my glass out;
To anyone who would take a sip!
The left glass when shared no longer filled back
and the sap called pain vanished;
Filling up my old cracks
The glass on right increased when shared!
and the solution called happiness in it always came back.

November 14, 2019

My darling,
Shine brighter than every man has shined
by taking a part of your soul
and traded it with a part of their darkness
and If you ever feel like being the darkness
Be the dark sky for the young stars learning to burn bright
Be circle and don't fit in their imaginary box
Be liberated and don't fall for standardized beauty
Because fuck the right one, for you, unibrow can still be beautiful
and tell the guy it's okay to have a dadbod
seek the difference between being Fit and being an eye candy
and let them know how perfectly fine it is to be hairy
Portray scars as art and tattoos as poetry
Show the valleys made of wounds and mountain strong womb,
and dance with the...

June 17, 2019

In our deathbeds,
We all will meet the ghost
He will remind us
all the things we could do
and take our hand while saying
in the next life make the most.

- Regrets

November 12, 2019

He is my favorite piece of poetry
every word falls right where it should be
captivating till the end,
as I turn the leaf
to read the last part of his,
the page appears blank
down scribbled it said, "Fill me!"
My favorite piece of art
is incomplete without me.

November 11, 2019

Silly thing, memories
tip-toes to us, when we barely need it.
Like the midday sun
someday it smolders our souls
and on cold winter nights
like a blanket keeps us warm.
Funny thing, memories
We forget the things we should remember
and remember the things we should forget
like a haven for immigrants
makes us a divergent
Demiurge being, memories
we run all day to collect it like it is everything
and then it gives back to life the moments that no longer exist
Mystical being, memories
shakes our existences with Deja vu
taps our souls in the form of dreams
Skillful raconteur, memories
tells us the same story again and again
changing slight small details
which we miss, mak...

November 10, 2019

She weaved in the mystery of scars with symphonies,
hard work with destiny and welcome the darkness with a smile.
She didn't shy away from marks over her body and some blood.
And when everyone in the world was overexposed dolls;
She embraced the alluring dusk to her skin and
the captivating darkness within and stood out.

April 3, 2015
Vadodara, India


Who are you going to show that mehndi to?
When you are gone and I dig whole world searching for you.
It's 2am and I am writing this out
When you are enjoying the happiest moment and I am not around.
The kajal that hides your beautiful eyes searching for me.
The numbness in it filled with memories.
Your hands they make music no one will ever hear with kangna playing their symphonies.
Meri jaan and you say its destiny?
The shadow of your only dances, when you sit their in silence!
While seeing you Do his face shine like mine did?
Why did you change my beloved
I know it can be hard to be righteous
Can you come home where you belong
Is it too much to...

November 6, 2019

Unspoken words
gather around you and moan
lips hugging tight
bit tongue for so long that
tonight it died.
Tired eyes don't want to
open doors anymore
ears had enough
prayers dashed to the sky
for so long now
that it came back to the barren land and cried
and in front of the accidental sea that you made
you say no words and smile
Unspoken words
bid you goodbye as you start to forget them
lips gasp as they leave the embrace of each other
wounded tongue resurrects
with one drop from the sea that you made
weary eyes look beyond the horizon
seeking beauty from the canvas that you paint
ears hear music from once toxic silence
People join in and swim in the sea that you ...

November 4, 2019

A beautiful fallacy
disguised as tragedy
boon, in reality,
this life.
The more we chase it
to live to the fullest
the more it shows us
our limitations.
Like, 'mortal being
you are nothing
in comparison
of my grand wheel
of life and death.'
But some of us
seek the gears
which move the wheel
and understand there
is something beyond
powering it up
something pure,
something logical
something for forever
something magical
Something which transcends
space and time
Something which even in the darkest
of your blackholes, shines through and guides
Something made of just energy and divine light
we realize the wheels are moved by love
and we love so much that ...

November 3, 2019

She is
abstract strokes
of midnight tone
painted on a canvas
called sky.
On my difficult days,
the painting illuminates
giving me hope that there is
something larger than this life
When I was a kid, I used to think
Who lets go of all the fireflies every night?
Now I know, It's the hope that glows
Coz the artist who painted it
searched everywhere for it but he couldn't find
So, Darling now you know
It doesn't matter if the darkness inside of you grows
It was always a part of your beauty, Now beautified.
Within those darken strokes,
there is sprinkled Hope,
guiding you and my ship through the night.

November 2, 2019

Remember brother,
You taught me how to ride a bike
one day prior to your flight
when you left the country and your deeds.
From that day I was alone, me and my needs.
I crashed in many turns, and dead-end had the best of me.
Riders catcalled and I was almost hit by a car.
You left the bike and me with lots of scars!
Remember, dear high school?
I and Your four walls
and the corner seat at the softball.
I, a kid with tragedy
You, broken ceilings, tormented floors,  
and distasteful scribbles inside of your washroom doors.
We understood each other, coz we were broke.
Sorry! In the name of heartbreak,
I left you with lots of marks.
Dear Friend who died,
I should have been...

November 1, 2019

Defining Sexuality!

I am 37.2 trillion cells of human-
made of 11 quadrillion atoms of a star.
You are 21 grams of the soul
with 1 drop of God.
I am the predefined algorithm of ghost stories,
paranormal activities, the universe, and your love.
You are a collection of real-life heroic incidents,
Books that you read, and the immortal protagonist
of my poetries, My love!
I am Logic.
You are a believer.
I am forever.
You are the one who works for it!
I am hickeys on your skin,
my finger mapping your rim.
You are lipstick marks on my shirt,
random hugs, and giver of constant love.
When I say, breathe in breathe out!
You say, Fuck this shit I'm out.
I am, one last h...

October 29, 2019

In between the cracks of time
I would sneak in narrow folds of your mind
Play hide and seek in your thoughts
and jump scare you with random memories
O darling, even If I am not there
I promise a part of me would stay.
Engraved like a tattoo to your skin
and like sweet poetry, whispering.

In between your busy days
I would shrink in the two minutes of the conversation
and if it ends in 1 minute and 46 seconds
with content, I would sleep with my prize possession
O darling, even if you are not there
ghost of you haunts me second after second
It doesn't speak to me or hug me tight
but bestow silence for consolation.

There it lies beautiful sketches and decorative calligra...

October 23, 2019

I'm 5feet 9
weighting just over 100 kgs.
I cry when in the movies, the dog dies
or hearing over the call,
"How terrible your day is going!".
I don't know how to throw a punch.
I spend my bad evenings in the kitchen
making dinners, no one would eat.
I never learned to drive a car
way past the age, still feeding my insecurities!
In my pass-time, I write poetries,
stained with silly mistakes and grammatical errors
only a few would overlook, read, and like.
I cancel plans and procrastinate,
and blame you for loving me less,
when you don't do the same.
I do horrible things and sometimes hold others responsible for making me this.
I love how you love me
for the animal I am

October 21, 2019

411.4 kilometers,
distance between the identical duplet universe
embedded temporary inside of two human bodies
Distanced by the law of nature but
connected by the enactment of the souls
How did we miss the signs?
isn't 411.4 a Palindrome?
Why is there a distance between the duet of the psyches?
Maybe to be on the safer side!
coz once in a while, the blackhole emerges
and distance shed when the heavens are aligned
The two souls they collide
and gods experience the dance on the Stotra
in the closure of singularity called boudoir
as their naked skin chant the ode of lust
and sounds in wavelength, moans, and queef
their soul outbursts supernovae of love
A few million galaxies...

October 17, 2019

She looks at me
like I look at the sky
on a clear night
captivated with al the stars
trying to make sense of the universe
I ask her what is she looking at and
she replies, "The stars inside of you!"

October 16, 2019

My soul, entangle with the karmic footprint of yours.
Every step I took rearwards
the universe pulled you one step back;
And though years I wasted taking steps back
thinking you were distancing yourself from me
I am spinning towards you.
Let us dance to the rhythm of our destiny,

October 15, 2019

her atoms are of the same stardust
I am made of,
and in this vastness of the universe
with billions of galaxies
and billion trillions of stars
we existed in the core of the same orb
our universal DNA match
How cool is that!

-  Universal soulmate

October 14, 2019

Under the pink sky,
we held hands,
and when the purple haze arrive,
we let it go.
Somewhere in the spectrum of violet
forever stays our story engraved in the sky.
Once in a while, we would look up and smile
while the world around calls us mad.
We smile, they can't see what we see.
They all are color blind.

October 13, 2019

And one fine day
the ink dries away;
and Filofax crumbles
with the weight of your phrase
but the fire in rage
and you rip your heart out
Use pain as ink,
and all the sorrows as parchment
You no longer need Paper and a Pen.  

October 12, 2019

These quotes are to blame
at least partially.
They tell us what to do
When we stop seeing hope,
And they tell us who to be
When we look at the mirror
and don't recognize ourselves anymore.
But we forget they are written
by people like you and me,
completing their circles,
themselves feeling incomplete,  
going through their share of pain and anxiety.
Writing their hearts out,
hoping one day it all would go away.
But we are stupid and
these ttts make fool out of us,
Connect like they are written by or for one of us.
Every other snippet about, love gone bad,
depression and heartaches;
Of not trusting anyone anymore and feeling out of love and out of place.
So, we read po...

October 11, 2019

Our story is magic
But it's been long years
And everyone has accepted.
We had our tales
shout out at the bars,
we sold like hotcakes
even at funerals,
and we were small talk in cars.
We were tales at the parties
and recited at get-togethers
We were wasted at anyone
who would listen
Until no one would.
It was bright yellow decor
Now light seems coming off from the far
New relationships are crazy
And they keep changing their better half.
They have a new story every week,
and we sit back contemplating who we are
Darling, we didn't lose the magic
Just coz we stayed and they couldn't.
There is nothing wrong with us
but the world has grown so cold,
with everyone usin...

October 10, 2019

The winter finally arrives
clouds depart, raining ends  
Disruptive lives come to a standstill
And old scars heal,
And love birds fly back to their home tree
We mend, broke, mend each other
And make peace with the indifferences
Learn, grow and change,
and realize these seasons are temporary  
So, here are we  
At the end of monsoon
making the best of winter and
waiting for summer again.
Standing amidst the change
with battle scars and love bites
Imprinted on canvas of our skin.
Look what we made of us.
What a masterpiece!

October 7, 2019

They labeled you with adulterated words that will never be part of your story but labels sell fast and darling you are all organic, but no one buys that. So, you laugh it off and agree with the masses, forgetting your story is embedded deep in the fabric of your soul. Tell them to unstitch that off you, they cannot!

- The fabric of your story and mine.

July 5, 2019

Tired eyes searching for
broken pieces of two hearts
scattered throughout
the floor of time
Time when,
doors were always open,
doors when they were slammed shut,
doors when they got closed,
doors that do not exist anymore!
What happened behind those doors;
to a room between nowhere
only you two could visit;
now only you know.
Where the world outside didn't exist,
where time was obsolete
where it was always chilly,
and comfortably humid.
Lights always dimmed
hands clutching tight,
bodies comfortably naked,
mouth chanting the same name
over and over again.
Hearts filled with love, unbreakable,
eyes never tired of seeing each other.  
The doors which always led to

September 30, 2019

He wore a black suit and a tie.
Shabby, jobless, headphones always on
but no songs, rhyming on forgotten lullabies.
Poet, comprehending his failed life.

She Worked 9 to 9, 7 days a week; sous chef
wearing a white coat over her Stygian heart
personal life almost non-existing, No end, no start.
her achievement?  The 3 Michelin star!

They spent on average 11 minutes
on the back alley near the dumpster of the restaurant
Sharing Marlboro light and small talks
of weather and what they could have been!
He could have drink less, Agree on his mistakes
and She could have spent more time with him.
Every day, in the end, they would conclude:
They could have settle for less!
But too...

September 29, 2019

I place random objects in arbitrary places. Like an Apple at the door, Basketball in the kitchen, Mirror at the garden, guitar in the woods. Most of the time they are ignored, sometimes lost and never found but once in a while, someone would look at it and then look at the surrounding and ask themselves, "This does not belong here, what is it doing out here?". They would keep thinking about it even when they are out of the woods. The growing curiosity in their brain will engulf them soon. They can't comprehend it anymore and in time of feeling out of place they end up with something completely profound yet utterly stupid in their mind.
What would you do Anuj, if you find a sculpture in betw...

September 22, 2019

I am a big boy now,
not sure if I can call myself a man
but I am a big boy now!

There are demons beneath my bed,
and I am sleepings alone now.
I used to sleep with my fingers,
embracing my mom
just so that I know, monsters can't kill me
and somehow, It worked!
She used to be there
Now that she is gone;
I still work it out with different
Yes, mom, I am sleeping  with strangers
so that I always have someone to hold
in my warm embrace,
but my heart is so cold.

I know there will be a day
and now it's knocking on my door
but I won't open. I am bottled up somehow,
and now I am sleeping all alone
There are demons beneath my bed
and they scream they want to pl...

September 21, 2019

You saw the world through the broken lens
Content, everything is in abundance
With haze view, you let go of what's broken
And sit with the last of what's left.

September 19, 2019

Grain by grain falls the time in the form of sand
To the nothingness below from my tightly clutched hands.
Look what I made with all the time that I let go!
Now I have to walk through this desert to the get-go.